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Mesters recording studio and record label, Nottingham, U.K.
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21st July 2010

Just got confirmation through that issues 4/5/6 of Mesters approved Constipated Rhythms will be in the reading room at the TATE BRITAIN as part of the Rude Britannia exhibition running there at the moment until September.


Check out for info - head along - I need to go myself!

The Wicket
28th June 2010

Iron Maiden lead the charge!


Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson slammed the band's new free MP3, El Dorado, live on stage at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, Washington earlier this week (June 22).

Maiden gave away the track for free on June 8 via their website,, as a teaser for their new album The Final Frontier which hits stores in the UK on August 16.

"I [have to] apologise to those of you who've downloaded [the song], ripped it, done whatever because it's a freebie on the web at the moment," said Dickinson. "I apologise to those of you who have downloaded it, not for any other reason but stuff that is on the Internet sounds like shit - it just does. MP3s - how to take all the balls out of the song!

"It's like, MP3s are to music is what zombies are to Shakespeare -- absolute bullshit," he added. "It's terrible. All these people listening to songs with cotton buds stuffed in their fucking ears. What is that all about?"

The Wicket
14th June 2010

The 10" is out and selling well. People are getting on board!

Couple of pictures from the launch can be found here:

Also excited to announce our addition to the Nottingham Punk Picnic 2010 line up.

Knife Cutter will be playing Sunday 27th at The Sumac Centre. Line up features Mesters alums Riot4Disco, ApesFightBack+many many more.

25th May 2010

The Moot Hall.


Saturday 29th May 2010.

7.30 kick off.

Mr Bad Axe-Rare solo performance.

Vinolent-GCSE warm up show.

The Spunk-Back on the scene after 2 year hiatus (hernia)

22nd May 2010

We've been branching out with the services Mesters provide and can now offer a fully operational TAPE to DIGITAL transfer service.

Full prices, formats transferred and spec. information coming soon.

In the meantime I heartly recommend the following services. She was our first 'transfer'

Thanks Rusty.

Your Wicket
17th May 2010

Epic weekend gigging with Eighth Day Army, We Are Knuckle Dragger and Fresh Eyes for The Dead Guy - - - maybe we are all going to be ok? Music is still exciting and relevant! YES!

Then recording the Sunflowers - first time in 10 years those folks made music!

Then Dio dies....


Le Wicket
7th May 2010


Pre-Orders being taken from....NOW!

This release is SUPER LIMITED to 100 copies. If you cannot make the launch at Heavy Sounds, Nottingham (8th May/6pm) then place your order NOW! We'll hold a copy back for you and get it in the post immediately!

The Wicket
26th April 2010

Don't y'all forget now. We're here too::

The Wicket
26th April 2010

ha..just snuck in round the back...


5th April 2010

Have a gander at the shop:::

Have 2 new colours for the Wickets Microscope T-Shirts.

They now come in album Blue and Red.

We got them made up specially for the album playback gig in March, but we have a few left over so we thought we'd give you out there the chance to join the fun.

Release date for Knife Cutter 10" imminent!

Come back for important information regards obtaining your copy before anyone else!

The Wicket
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