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Mesters recording studio and record label, Nottingham, U.K.
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26th March 2010

RIP the old home page:

Let's not fuck about.

We live in an analogue world. The subtlety, texture and depth of life cannot be expressed in binary numbers. Experience is analogue and sound is an analogue wave with infinite possibilities.

A record is a document of truth. A vinyl record is the most accurate way human beings have found to document the truth of live, analogue sound. Real music.

Compression does exactly what it says on the tin. Encoding music into any digital format abandons the subtlety of reality in favour of a convenient approximation of 1s and 0s. A corporate decision has been made over which part of a sound wave merits a 1 and which part a 0. Hundreds of different labels with different styles of creating and recording music are being blended and homogenised by file compression. Whoever the fuck wrote the MP3 coding is the entity that decides what is worth your listening pleasure. A corporation is deciding what your life is supposed to be.

We're not trying to be 'retro' or 'old skool'. We just want music to be what it can be. The power of a proper recording played on proper equipment through proper speakers.

You cannot begin to experience a band through the two inch speakers on your computer. Social networks have nothing to do with websites. A social experience is being in a room of actual human beings. Looking into the eyes of people around you. Dancing, jumping and yelling to the volume of a voice, a stick hitting a drum, the vibration of a guitar string.

Life's too short for compromise.

Mesters is nothing that you think a business is. Like the website, this statement is a compression of the vast volume of information, attitude and dedication that Mesters is a part of. Use it wisely: get out of your comfort zone and get in touch.

The Antipath
15th March 2010

Thanks all who came down to the big 'Big Animals' wickets party on Saturday. Thanks to Dirty Joe and Paranoid Travellers for filling the awkward silences. Thanks to all who bought records and T-Shirts. Thanks to all who danced. ONWARDS!

The Wicket
17th February 2010

Tickets are on sale now for The Wickets 'Big Animals' performance in March.

They are at a limit of 4 per customer online just to prevent any tomfoolery - if you need more just let us know and we can make it happen.


+Guests, Paranoid Traveller and Dirty Joe

MARCH 13th


3 in advance - 4 on the door

So head to the SHOP page to buy or seek us out at any Mesters gigs before then as we'll be selling them there too!


The Wicket
29th January 2010

The Wickets


Serf Combat

Wonk Unit

Fighting Cocks





The Wicket
6th January 2010

What better way to start 2010 by getting more records on sale?

For some reason we never put M1 - the first ever Mesters release - on sale when we opened shop last year. Well, rectified.

This single is a strictly limited pressing and close to sold out so get on board fast if you want a copy - when they are gone - THEY ARE GONE!


We've also made amendments to some costs within the shop.

All records now include postage in the price, which puts them at 7.50 a record.

We have always and will continue to sell Mesters releases at 5 and if you buy direct from us at gigs then you will pay no more than 5 a record. Making them 7.50 online covers our postage costs and no more. It just ensures our costs are covered and makes it quicker to run orders through.

Hope this makes buying Mesters releases an even more rich and wholesome experience.



The Wicket
3rd January 2010

Happy New Year!

From us,

To you!

2010 - Loudest year ever. Promise.

13th December 2009

Christmas is here! Almost. So for those gift givers amoungst you we can't recommend a high quality Mesters record enough!

The full set or just an album, you can't fail to wow friends and relatives this Xmas '09.

Just to let you know, we are tied to Royal Mail's postage policy, the last day for posting in UK is 21st December so orders must be with us by 20th December to make sure it's with you.

Any problems just give us a shout.

4th December 2009

The Wickets have to announce with regret that they are canceling the remainder of their gigs in 2009, Phil (Bass duties) has broken 2 fingers in his riffing hand. So he has to rest up and fix up so 2010 can be as epic as 2009.

Head to their myspace ( for updates and hopefully some photos of said broken bones.

The Wicket
2nd November 2009

Time flies. Was it really September when the last post went up. Wild.

The Wickets have been busy tearing up and down the country .. check their exploits

We've taken care of The Human Targets EP. It's sounding great and we're looking forward to the launch. Will be the last gig with the recorded line up..these times they are a changing.

We're still working on getting the podcast just right..fine's never enough! We're still accepting music to play so get sending tracks our way!

Christmas lights have gone up. Please leave it alone for at least a few more weeks THE WORLD...ease up, we're just coming to terms with it getting darker earlier.

The Wicket
21st September 2009

We are going to be recording the first of what we aim to be a monthly Podcast.

This will be streaming from the PLAY page with an option to download as well.

We are going to be talking the talk and playing records.

We will be playing choice cuts from the Mesters back catalogue, but also want to play new releases by anyone out there.

So send us anything, Records, Cds, Tapes, DATS, Mini-Discs. Any format welcome!

Post to:

Mesters Podcast

PO BOX 7740



Alternatively email tracks to

Hellos, comments, topics to discuss--any suggestions wanted.

The Wicket
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