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Mesters recording studio and record label, Nottingham, U.K.
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14th September 2009

We have a date in the diary.

The Knife Cutter 10" will be mastered and cut in October!

Out before the year is done.

7th September 2009

Thanks to all who came out for the Negative Earth (M9) launch this Saturday at the New Art Exchange in Hyson Green, Nottingham. It was a huge success. Good to see faces new and familiar, enjoy the record!

31st August 2009

We are happy to inform you that purveyors of vinyl and cds, The Heavy Sounds, Nottingham - - are now stocking Mesters releases at Mesters prices. 5 a go.

The Wicket
24th August 2009

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of \'Negative Earth\' (M9-Vinyl Only).

The album will be launched at The New Art Exchange in Hyson Green, Nottingham on the evening of September 5th 2009.

We would encourage people to come along, but it is a ticketed event which has now sold out. Sorry.

If you were unable to obtain a ticket and desperately need to be there, contact us via the \'REC\' section on this site and if returns become available we will be offering them at first come first served basis.

11th July 2009

We have the new album.

We have transport.

We have instruments.

We have t shirts.

We have badges.

We have tunes for the van.

We have food.

We have water.

We have songs.

We have a tour.

Check for updates and photos from the first of many days away thanks to this new record.

Nottingham launch to commence upon The Wickets' return.

The Wickets
5th July 2009

Things keep moving!

This is a shout out to Rob - WebMester in Chief.

He makes a move to pastures new this month, taking in global sights and sounds with a final destination in Australia. Working hard to be as far away as possible from us here!

His work doesn't end with us, thanks to the power of email and us not leaving him alone. But it will be a while til our paths all cross in reality again.

This website and all the work done to help keep it fresh are a testament to your tireless and incredible work ethic.

Thank you Rob!

Bon Voyage!


The Wicket
28th March 2009

Hi Folks

Done some updates to the site.

First off made some major updates to the REWIND page. We've linked all the band names to their respective internet homes. If you are a band that has been to Mesters and have either been wrongly linked or we've missed you off the list just get in touch and we'll update it.

Secondly the SHOP section is coming along nicely..almost running at maximum keep checking back for updates.

It's currently the only place online where you can buy the entire back catalogue from Mesters.

So get stuck in!

The Wicket
13th January 2009

2008. Some year!

Kept us busy.

One of the things we set out to do over the year was gigs at The Room of Doom, which for the last Saturday of every month brought a massive variety of live music to whoever came down.

Over the year we reckon about 65 bands/musicians/DJs brought some good times.

2009 rolls up and we're looking at doing new things in the room, most of which we hope to make you aware of, and hope to see you down there!

THANKS A MILLION to all the musicians that played and all the people who helped out in any way to make the nights happen.

The Wicket
11th December 2008

Everyone's talking about tape.

The Wicket
3rd December 2008

I've recently been accused (as is traditional at this time of year) of being unfestive and failing to get into the seasonal spirit. Having thought about this, however, I think Yule find that everything I hate about Christmas is merely the same as everything I hate during the rest of the year. But at Christmas. In no particular order, these things are:


Use of the generic terms festive and seasonal to imply Christmas.

Buying stuff.

Using the word Yule as a pun on "you'll".

Sleigh bells.

People who are deliberately miserable whilst everyone else is trying to have a good time.


Deliberately miserable people who then write about it on the internet in the mistaken belief that they're amusing or remotely interesting.

Sleigh bells being used on TV adverts to make you honour the true meaning of Christmas by buying stuff (for your family).

I also hate being cold, but I can't accuse Christmas of being responsible for the weather: I blame Jesus for this.

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