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Mesters recording studio and record label, Nottingham, U.K.
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All Analogue, 8, 16, or 24 track valve recording to Studer A80 on 1" or 2" tape.
Band rates from 25 / hour.
Mastering from 50 / hour.
  • Mesters recording studio has the most extensive range of fully functioning analogue recording equipment outside of London.
  • Vocal sessions are worked using a variety of vintage and modern microphones, recorded using pre-amps tailored to your voice.
  • Recording can be done to computer or to tape with options to go to either at any stage.
  • Record to tape and mix to computer. Record to computer and mix to tape. However you want to play it.
  • Recording to tape can become costly as it has become increasingly difficult to source. We are happy to offer a tape hire service to eliminate that worry.


  • Mix your music using the only TL Audio VTC valve console in the Midlands.
  • Mesters works with the most up to date Bad Boy plug-ins to make recording to computer produce industry standard results.


  • A fine collection of vintage and modern drums & cymbals combined with the best live drum room in the UK.
  • A large resource of vintage and modern amps & cabs available in house for re-amping work at any volume.
  • Vintage and modern keyboards & synthesisers available for projects, compositions and recording sessions.


  • All analogue mastering by skilled engineers with over 20 years experience in the industry.
  • We also offer unique MesteringTM. Our hybrid mastering process has many imitators but no equal.


  • Fully comprehensive tape to digital transfer service for all domestic, semi-pro and professional analogue and digital formats. From 1/8" 8 track to 2" 16 track, including DAT masters and ADAT multitrack tapes.
    Transfer is done directly from tape machine via high end AD convertors to computer.
    If required, we can clean up any over abundance of tape hiss and noise. Completed transfers can be converted to any format.
  • Seemingly endless supply of tea and coffee to keep your session productive and refreshed. We also have a fully functioning fridge, toaster AND microwave for your culinary needs.
Nottingham City Centre is a ten minute walk from the studio so securing supplies, grabbing a pint or getting the last bus will not be an issue.


Tel: +44 (0) 115 845 1507
(leave a message if we don't pick up)

PO Box 7740

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